A blog born by c-section

Today I drag my blog, ready or not, into the world. It’s been gestating for about a year, well past its due date, and has refused to arrive by natural means, not unlike my kids (I let fear get in the way). I hired a graphic artist (drove crazy), Michelle Baron, to create my blog header, but still didn’t get on with publishing it. I drove over 1,000 miles round trip, with Aliza Worthington riding shot-gun, to the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop in beautiful downtown Dayton, Ohio, but still didn’t get on with publishing it.

So, what finally forced me to reach into the warm, dark, safe place that my blog had been hiding in (my hard drive), and bring it out kicking and screaming into the bright light?  The co-editor of the Not Your Mother’s Book. . . series (think Chicken Soup for the Soul, except funnier), Dahlynn McKowen. I had the pleasure of meeting Dahlynn at the Erma Workshop. Over lunch she told me about her book series, and suggested that I submit a story to one of her anthologies. So I did.NYMB SEX

My essay, “Ménage à Twerp”, is published in Not Your Mother’s Book…On SEX. There are 69 stories (coincidence? I think not) in the anthology showing the funnier side of sex, but not a blow-by-blow (snicker), detailed description.

Dahlynn informed me last week that I was going to be featured on her blog, Laugh Until you Pee, today (squeal). It occurred to me, about two days ago, that she was giving me the gift of exposure to the blogosphere, and that I had better get my ass in gear and not screw it up.

I lay before you, all pink and pruny, with the metaphoric umbilical cord still attached, my blog. Like me, it is a work in progress. Please poke around and read some of the old stuff that I have written. Don’t forget to come back often to see the new stuff. I hope that I make you laugh a little each time. If you get the chance ‘like’ Taffy’s Facebook page, too.